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About Us

In 1974 Banff and Buchan District Council purchased the Aden site and in 1975 Aden was designated a Country Park. With considerable support from the Countryside Commission for Scotland the mansion house was consolidated and in 1983 the renovation of the steading as a Farming Museum was completed.

Aden Country Park is now owned and managed by the various Services of Aberdeenshire Council. These include:

Landscape Services

The Landscape Services department of Infrastructure Services manage the day-to-day running of the Park. These include the nursery, sawmill, litter collection, children’s play equipment, Caravan Park, trees, woodland, and parkland. The Landscape Services Officer for Buchan and maintenance staff are based in the Park.

Cultural Services

The Cultural Services department of Education, Leisure and Learning manage the award winning Aberdeenshire Farming Museum, Hareshowe Working Farm, North East Folklore Archive (NEFA), and ARC Recording Studio, which are all located within Aden Country Park.

Countryside Ranger Service

The Countryside Ranger for Buchan, and the Senior Ranger for North Aberdeenshire are also based within Aden Country Park. The Ranger Service has an interpretative centre (the Natural History Cabin), in the park, which is open by arrangement with the Buchan Ranger and used by the Ranger Service for events and with schools.

Property Service

The Property Service is responsible for building maintenance. The Estates section of the Property Service manage the leases within the park, these include the café, kiosk, craft shop and the agricultural land within the park. The uses of the cottages within the park are currently being explored.

Aden Development Group

The Aden Development Group has been set up and is made up of the 4 Central Buchan Councillors and representatives of the local Community Councils, user groups, members of the public, and Council Officers. The main remit for the group is as follows:

  1. 1. To promote increased usage of the park and its facilities with achievable targets for visitor numbers and customer satisfaction, providing the highest possible standards consistent with the available resources.
  2. 2. To assist the A den Working Group, Development Officer and Park management in the planning and delivery of activities,
  3. 3. To assist the Aden Working Group, Development Officer and Park management in the production of a five year Business Plan,
  4. 4. To work with Council Services in managing the Park,
  5. 5. To consider potential funding sources for proposed facilities.
  6. 6. To meet four times a year.

Click here for more information on the Aden Development Group

Aden Working Group

The Aden Working Group has been set up as part of the “Making the most of Aden Country Park” project which has successfully secured funding from LEADER (the Scottish Government and the European Commission programme to support rural Scotland) and the Buchan Community Planning Partnership from which Development Worker, Neil Shirran, was appointed.

The Development Worker is employed by Buchan Development Partnership and is working in partnership with the various services of Aberdeenshire Council working in Aden Country Park which form the Aden Working Group. The Aden Working Group is made up from the Aberdeenshire Museum Service, Landscape Services, Countryside Ranger Service, Cultural Services, Buchan Development Partnership and the Area Manager for Buchan.

The Development Worker regularly reports to both the Aden Development and Working Groups and has been employed to produce an Aden Devlopment Plan for the Park, looking at how best to promote, regenerate, and increase participation and public access to the Aden Country Park and all its amenities.

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Corporate Policy / Local Reports

Aden Country Park plays an important role in Aberdeenshire’s open space strategy and "enhances the quality of life of those people, who live, work and visit Aberdeenshire". This is reflected in the number and the diverse documents it is incorporated into.

  • •    Aden Country Park Management Plan
  • •    Buchan Community Plan (2010 - 2014)
  • •    Parks and Public Open Spaces Strategy 2006 (revised 2010)
  • •    Strategic Priorities document (2007 - 2011)
  • •    Aberdeenshire’s Service Plans (2008 - 2011)
  • •    Aberdeenshire Local Plan (adopted 2006) & draft 2011 Plan
  • •    Aberdeenshire Cultural Strategy
  • •    Aberdeenshire pitch strategy
  • •    Aberdeenshire Sustainability plan
  • •    Aberdeenshire Community Plan
  • •    Transport plan
  • •    Aberdeenshire Core Paths Network